Hello and welcome to the new home of the aaK. The most disturbed clan to exist on the face of the planet.
We started on Aliens vs Predator 2, made our way to Counter-Strike Source and now find ourselves addicted to Left 4 Dead.
As a clan we hold no regard for morality. If you find something sad, disturbing, depraved, or just plain wrong, then we will most
likely find it fucking hilarious. Leave your useless conscience behind you and step into the way of the aak.

Feel free to look around and come insult us on our forums, if you have balls enough to register that is.....
- Deltz


15th March 2014

17th February 2014
Wow two years since an update that's a new aak record. Well I've only just remembered my login details for dreamweaver and how to actually
use it again ooops.

21st January 2012
It's hopefully the end of the world as we know it, but most likely fuck all will come to pass once again. Decided to update the AVP2 side of the website. If your too stupid or lazy to have never looked at it, click on the tank to the left or go here.

Also been thinking about AVP2 and thought I'd post the last colonial marines trailer to be released as I'm still fucking waiting for something new!!!!


5th October 2011
My birthday has come and gone, but enjoy my memorial video of drinking Long Island till you drop. You'll probably have to click on the link to view it on youtube due to the music copyright. Honk honk. Deltz.


27th June 2011
Updated members pages. May need to refresh a few times for it to show. Enjoy.

22nd June 2011
I am so awesome at times I amaze myself. Please check out the newest addition to the website Demotivation. This may in all likelihood become another page that I forget is there and never bother to update, but at least I made it.
I have about a hundred pictures to put up eventually, say by 2014. Enjoy and feel free to steal them as thats what I did. Honk honk.

9th June 2011
Woohoo! almost an entire year without an update. Go me. All is quite in Camp Deltz, I am currently awol due to unforseen life commitments i.e work and pussy. I may get round to playing with you jews this weekend. Yay!

27th June 2010
England, you owe me the twenty pounds I made the mistake to bet on you. On a brighter note, Deltz aka me, has a new video posted on my other youtube channel. Enjoy.

18th June 2010
New background england flag is for you Vik, you fat sweaty sock. Its only on the home page as it actually burns my eyes to look at.

15th June 2010
New video is up, I can't be arsed to embed it, so go to our youtube channel here and watch it for yourself. Lub ju.

3rd June 2010
Real life is currently taking up most of my time of late. Sunshine and a motorbike = no computer. I'm still working on the next video when I get the time from work and enjoying myself. Take care biatches...

18th May 2010
If your too fuckin lazy to read the forum then you probably haven't read the post I made about the domain change. Lul. The new domain is up and appears to have transfered fine. The old domain should be re-directing soon as I fucked something up the first time I think. Members page has gone a bit tits up when I tried to change something and saved by mistake. I will get round to updating it this year, maybe, but am currently working on a new video. Peace. Bitches.

1st April 2010
New Left 4 Dead montage coming soon. I've finalised the order and have finally decided on the music, just need to double check it, render
the fucker and then take a week to upload it to the tube.

22nd March 2010
With AVP's relegation I give u this send off video. Quite possibly the only montage that will ever get made by us. Fail game, made good by the the aak way - never help a team-mate.

12th March 2010
Aliens vs Predator has been relegated to the realms of single player only. The new king of my time? Bad Company 2.
This is quite posibly the greatest game ever made. There is endless satisfaction in blowing a hole in a wall that happens to be in your way.
I'll be working on some more Left 4 Dead videos when I get time. Only about 300GB of fraps to sort through.

25th Febuary 2010
New Aliens vs Predator patch coming on Monday 1st March. See this link for details.
Seems info on the dedicated servers is coming on the same day too. About time, roll the fuck on Monday.
I'm in the process of making a new montage of AVP footage i've compiled already. I'll post when its finished.

31st January 2010
It's almost upon us. I need it now.
*Updated* 22/03/2010.

AVP came, it failed, we lul'd.

13th January 2010
Happy late New Year bitches. Another year gone by in the awesomeness that is the aaK.
A special late Birthday wish to Vik and Didz and a happy on time birthday greeting to Boney. We lub ju all.
Now what did I get for Christmas from you ungrateful bastards? Nothing, diddly squat, jack shit on a stick, except the damn Herpes.
All this time and effort updating the site once a decade and for what? O' yea I forgot the loans I took out in your names, shit....
Merry Christmas yay.

15th December 2009
We raped Left 4 Dead until the sun came down. Left 4 Dead 2 has finally finished fucking downloading which means the rape must begin anew. So tonight I expect at least 3 other jews (Carl, Pinky, Boney) to play it. I have just convinced the fat jew Vik to buy a four pack for those too poor to have bought it yet. Except he didn't get it because he's a skank and probably spent the money on steaks instead.
Let the rape commence until the new avp comes out and we all jizz in our pants...

5th June 2009
This bitch is live. I hope you all enjoy my amazing skillz. If you notice any bugs let me know what and where, like the wrong
page opening. Already noticed one on the hall of fame page. The title and definition seem to warp too far down. IE 8 on compatability
mode seems to fix it or refresh the page. Haven't tested firefox cause I hate it, so for you fags that use it tell me whats wrong and I'll install it and find a way round.

9th May 2009
Getting there slowly but surely. I'll take this oppurtunity to fill some space by welcoming the newest members to the clan.
They are as follows:
Bonemaster, Fathead, Fishing 4 Ducks, Hayz, Tazman and Zode.

27th April 2009
Finally got off my lazy ass and made a new site. Not bad for someone with no idea what their doing.
I hope you all enjoy my awesomeness and show your love with large bond donations.